Aberdeen Presentation People Forward Mission Together

20 Nov, 2019

This past October, our congregation held our fall assembly meetings. For many years, our congregation has invited our associate members, cojourners, to certain sessions of our meetings. As our focus broadened and our mission work enhanced, the past few years our mission development team was included in the invitation. This year, the invitation widened to include all of our employees.

Sister Janice Klein, congregational president, shared her thoughts on the invitation. “With our growing awareness that many are attracted to Nano’s charism we believe we share in the mission of responding to needs around us. We are encouraged and strengthened as we collaborate, learning from one another serving our neighbors locally and globally. Our assemblies are moments of communion with one another and igniting our hearts to joyful service. It’s wonderful that our associates and employees want to join us and we welcome them wholeheartedly.”

Approximately 20 cojourners and employees gathered with the sisters for the assembly. Together, along with time of prayer and personal reflection, we listened and shared our Presentation mission with one another.

Presentation employee and Cojourner Kathleen Daly was asked to partake in the assembly’s opening cosmic walk. “I was very humbled to be asked to participate in the cosmic walk. I felt moved by the spirit as I walked and prayed in the cosmic circle alongside the sisters,” shared Kathleen.

Janelle Bierle, Presentation employee and cojourner candidate, talks about her experience as the assembly. “I was excited and honored to be able to join the sisters for part of their fall assembly meetings. This was my first experience in attending the meetings. I felt very welcomed and am inspired by the joy and spirit of the sisters as we journey together as Presentation People.”