New President and Council Elected in San Francisco

19 Apr, 2016

Presentation Sisters elected a new president and council at their Chapter held in March. Sister Michele Anne Murphy will take office with her council on July 1, 2016. Sister Pam Chiesa was elected councilor and vice president, and Sister Paula Baker and Sister Giovanna Campanella were elected councilors. Their term is six years.

The Chapter also affirmed a visionary directional statement to guide the work of the congregation over the next six years:

Led by the Spirit and inspired by the life and charism of Nano Nagle, we are Presentation women filled with hope, rooted in contemplative consciousness, and committed to the primacy of relationship. We acknowledge the challenge of our reality as a smaller, older community with limited resources and commit to addressing these challenges with a sense of urgency. We continue our commitment to participate in the universal mission of Jesus Christ and to follow Nano’s exhortation to love one another and to spend ourselves for the poor.

In the light of this commitment we call ourselves to …

  • Envision a new future through growth in communal contemplative prayer and dialogue
  • Foster dynamic engagement in every stage of our lives
  • Steward our limited resources wisely in the on-going care of members and for supporting our mission and legacy
  • Intensify efforts to care for those made poor and to care for our Earth community
  • Utilize a collaborative mode as our way of being in community and ministry and in all our structures of leadership