New Windsor Implements Social Media Plan

12 Apr, 2018

Justin Perez, assistant director of mission advancement and Sister Mary Naccarato, New Windsor, developed a social media plan to reach those who utilize various media platforms. Since social media is utilized by 81% of the United States, they started this plan in January with the objective to bring the presence of the New Windsor Presentation Sisters to the world through media. This media plan is broken down daily and features the sisters, associates, volunteers and alumni. The days include motivational Monday, transformation Tuesday, where are they now Wednesday, throwback Thursday and fun fact Friday.

In order to stay consistent with the social media, Justin and Sister Mary Naccarato email a form to our sisters, associates, volunteers and alumni asking if they would like to be featured on the social media platforms. If interested, they respond with their favorite memories associated with the Presentation Sisters. Content is developed based on the information provided.

Our affiliates can search Presentation Sisters Northeast on Facebook and Instagram to find content about the sisters, associates, volunteers, alumni and other events. We hope to have more sisters interact with our social media platforms and feature them on one of our posts.