UISG Meeting in Rome

18 May, 2019

Pictured above, Sister Carmen enjoys the company of her new found friends from the following countries: Netherlands, Brazil, U.S., England, Malawi, Great Britain, Nigeria, Rep South Africa and India.

Dubuque Presentation Sister Carmen Hernandez attended the UISG International Union of Superiors General meeting in Rome this month. This year’s theme, Sowers of Prophetic Hope, was definitely an experience true to its name. Over 840 women religious from 80 countries of origin and 13 languages gathered to discuss how hope could be lived out and expressed in religious life, our planet, intercultural life, creation and interreligious dialogue.

Sister Carmen shares, “I was deeply moved by the richness of table conversations where sisters from different cultures shared opinions, questions and values on the theme for the day. Daily liturgy and music were expressed in different languages. While sisters came from a variety of countries, our oneness was united through discussions, music, meals and newfound friendships.”

Representing the spirit of “Sowers of Prophetic Hope” and eight different cultures are the members of Sister Carmen’s table.
Pope Francis laughed Sister Carmen Sammut, MSOLA, when he invited her to sit down next to him and she responded that she never dreamed in her life that she’d be sitting by his right side.
Sister Carmen (left) and Sister Janice Klein, from Aberdeen (right) met Sister Kevina Keating, a Sister of Charity from Texas, who introduced herself at breakfast saying she was taught by Presentation Sisters and that they told a very dear place in her heart.