Union Newfoundland and Labrador Associates Hold Retreat

19 Oct, 2019

The Christ Divine Presence In All Creation
The Universal Christ

“Changes in small systems create large system change.”  Margaret Wheatley.

On Saturday, September 14, the Deer Lake Presentation Associates, surrounded by the Central and West Coast sisters and associates, were “treated” to a presentation of Christ Consciousness Awareness from the perspective of Richard Rohr’s book, The Universal Christ. The presentation was facilitated by Sister Dorothy Corrigan at All Hallows Parish Center,  Corner Brook.

We began the day being guided into silence as we meditated on our own unique connection with Christ Consciousness deep within. We listened intently as Sister Dorothy presented the history of the cosmic unfolding of the Universe. This emerging of the Christ (divine consciousness) began 13.8 billion years ago, emphasizing the fact that the presence of Christ permeates through all stages and all ages of the evolutionary unfolding.

After pausing for personal reflection, we pondered three questions:
Who made you?  Who is God? Why did God make you?

Discussions then took place concerning the possible answers to these questions.  These discussions sparked awareness that not only are we all one now, but we were all present in oneness from the very beginning.  “In reality, it is all mystery!”

Through Jesus we have an opportunity to claim our own place in this mystery and stir the fires of our own explosion of energy and light, thus causing a ripple effect throughout the Universe. 

 Submitted by: Deer Lake Associates Bennett, Anne Harvey, Arlene Janes, Sharon Evans, & Carmelita Morgan