A Time to Celebrate in Staten Island

On Saturday, September 10, Sister Linda Isola and her relatives, friends and community came together at the convent to celebrate Linda and her 50 years as a member of the Presentation Sisters of Staten Island. It was a marvelous gathering filled with both joy and gratitude. It provided all with an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of Linda as well the person of Linda.

labor-dayThe other time to celebrate this month was Labor Day. It is not the best of days for celebration as we are coming to the end of summer! Not always an auspicious time in this hemisphere! However we made the best of it by inviting friends, relatives and other religious of the Island to celebrate with us. With a house full of guests how could we be anything but happy!

With thoughts of gratitude for the Summer season and the seasons of life, as well as all that we have to celebrate in this country, we prepare for the Autumn when the days are shorter, the leaves fall and the beauty of the changing leaves as they weep gold, red and brown as they prepare for their final days!