Aberdeen: CONNECTING Presentation People

by Natalie Slieter

The Presentation Sisters are known worldwide for their mission work of advocating for justice and reaching out to the marginalized. The mission they are called to is inspirational to those who witness it. However, the sisters began to wonder if there was a better way to describe all the people who are moved to follow the mission of Nano Nagle.

In 2012, sisters and friends inspired by the vision of Nano (from all over the world) gathered for the International Presentation Association Assembly, which is held every five years. It’s a time for discernment, prayer, and discussing how the Presentation Sisters can come together around justice issues and work to make a bigger impact. During this assembly, the concept of Presentation People was born.

“Presentation People is a phrase that helps unify the Presentation family,” Sister Vicky Larson explained. “We describe them as people who joyfully incarnate the compassion and justice of Jesus in the way that Nano did and the purpose of that is to bring hope into our world for our neighbors, locally and globally.”

Presentation People includes sisters, cojourners, employees, and other friends. The goal of coining the umbrella term is to be inclusive of all who want to follow the mission of Nano Nagle – and ultimately, the mission of Jesus – whether it’s through advocacy, ministry, charity, prayer, or hospitality.

“What if we collectively thought about connecting with other people who share our mission?” Sister Vicky said. “Instead of thinking about each of us individually, what if we connected to a broader vision and a mission together?”

Now, a team of sisters, cojourners, and employees are discerning what Presentation People will need for the future and how to empower them to be successful. They hope to determine ways for Presentation People to connect better not only in South Dakota, but also to the growing network of Presentation Sisters around the world.

By connecting with each other, sharing a similar energy, and working together, the community will be able to come together to make a big difference on seemingly daunting tasks.

“We are stronger in mission if we are sharing that mission,” Sister Vicky said.

Sister Vicky and the Presentation Sisters are encouraging anyone interested to get involved, however they can. For further conversation, you can call their Sioux Falls office at (605) 271-0468.



Sister Vicky Larson, PhD, RN is a member of the Sisters Leadership Team and Vocation Director for the Congregation. She recently moved back to Sioux Falls and joined the nursing faculty at Augustana University. To learn more about Sister Vicky or the Presentation Sisters, please visit www.presentationsisters.org




“Before meeting the Sisters, I worked in a field where every day was a series of quick decisions. Being a part of the Presentation Family, I have learned the value of discernment and respect for the process. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to learn and grow in this environment. The sisters lead by example each day and I am humbled to walk beside them as a Presentation Person.”

– Jen Rothenbuehler, Gift and Stewardship Officer for the Presentation Sisters