Aberdeen Presentation Sisters Host Women’s Retreat

On Saturday, February 22, the Presentation Sisters hosted the 21st annual Women’s Lenten Retreat in Sioux Falls. It was an amazing morning as we hosted over 160 women who were eager to learn about kindness and hope. Nicole Phillips, National Kindness Champion and motivational speaker from Aberdeen, joined us to share a message of incorporating hope and kindness into our worlds. Nicole presented a beautiful message and those in attendance left the event feeling blessed and filled with the Holy Spirit as they prepared for their Lenten journeys.

The comments from people have been so positive and they are ready to be kindness champions and hope providers in their own lives. I have already heard from attendees who encountered kindness in the hours following the retreat. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that God is already working in their lives. I love hearing how kindness is making an appearance in people’s lives when they least expect it.

The Presentation Sisters encourage each of you to continue to be kindness champions and hope providers to those around you. Continue to do random acts of kindness and it will change your life!

submitted by Barb Grosz, Presentation Sisters Event Specialist