Aberdeen Presentation Sisters LIVE Camp

LIVE Camp recently celebrated its 13th annual week-long summer camp. Fifty 7th, 8th and 9th grade girls joined 23 counselors and staff at Creighton Retreat Center, just outside of Omaha, Neb.

Sister Jan Mengenhauser, founding sister of the LIVE Camp, shares,

“My vision from the beginning was to help junior high girls get acquainted, build friendships, become leaders and grow in their faith. The LIVE Leadership Camp has provided an opportunity for Latina youth to discover they have a voice, to continue friendships with those they meet from camp and appreciate that they have leadership qualities they can share at home, school and beyond!”

This camp continues to help young Latino girls embrace their heritage, build confidence, gain leadership skills and grow in their faith. This past year a new board was developed for the camp and we are thrilled that Jackie Chavez has said yes to leading this group.

DeAna Perea-Lara and Itzeni Nayeli Lopez, LIVE Camp co-directors; Sister Jan Mengenhauser, founding sister of LIVE Camp; and Jackie Chavez, LIVE Camp board president

Reflection by Jackie Chavez 

The journey I’ve taken from camper, counselor, co-founder, co-director and now president of the LIVE Camp board is an amazing one to say the least. I have camp in my blood, since the first day I attended the camp 18 years ago in the Black Hills of South Dakota I knew this was something way bigger than myself. I could not have seen it progressing to where we are now, but Sister Jan Mengenhauser had a vision and it wasn’t until now that I see it and can complete this vision. I was too young to understand the intricacy of HIS plan but all the pieces were there and I’ve come to realize all of those people who were put in my path were a gift from God. It is humbling to know how many people have been touched by this camp that came to be because of the Presentation Sisters and because I said ‘yes’ to opening my heart and mind to an opportunity and a need within our community.

I said ‘yes’ because I have felt his presence there in the middle of vespers, on the long walks to and from the cabins, in the praises and songs we sing and more specifically in the hearts of these girls who have tears in their eyes when they leave this camp. We have changed hearts and minds, we have created a family of Latinas who have the opportunity to create a real relationship with God and be with other strong women who have chosen to be leaders and LIVE in HOPE, LOVE and FAITH.