Aberdeen Sisters Give Gratitude to Local Organizations in the Name of Nano

As the celebration of the 300th anniversary of Nano’s birth continues throughout the world, the Aberdeen Presentation Sisters also honor the works of Nano on a more local level.

Together, we work to sustain her mission and continue to go where the need calls most loudly. In tribute to Nano, each of our 12 local communities of the Aberdeen Presentation Sisters were given $300 to donate to organizations that were aligned with the values of the congregation in alleviating oppression and promoting human dignity from a deep contemplative spirit. Some of the recipients of the donations included work with immigration and the Latino community, homeless shelters, organizations assisting victims in domestic violence, human trafficking and education of children.

As we know, Nano was powerfully drawn to aid those excluded from society and who suffered oppression as a result. She knew in her heart what was right and, against the odds, she persevered on behalf of those left in the margins of society, bringing the light of Christ to them. Giving in her name also offered us an opportunity to tell these organizations about Nano’s mission and to thank them for the important work they are doing to strengthen our communities.