Aberdeen Sisters Take Part in Rich Man/Poor Man Dinner

Upon the invitation of St. Bernard’s Parish in Redfield, S.D., Aberdeen Presentation Sisters Kathleen Bierne and Myra Remily attended a “Rich Man/Poor Man” dinner. This event gathered about 120 attendees from primary school through adults.

The goal of the event was to provide the opportunity for the attendees to witness the different societal levels that are evident in all areas of the world – poor, middle class, wealthy. Upon arriving at the parish, attendees were assigned seats in certain sections of the parish hall. The “poor section” was only served rice and beans, the largest “middle class” section was served lasagna, and the last “wealthy” section provided only five people a luxurious five-course meal.

A short discussion was held with the participants about their experience of realizing the inequality and economy gaps in our society. In all, all participants from each serving group shared their meal with others, but those in the five-course meal section especially wanted to share their meal.

Sisters Myra and Kathleen then gave a short presentation on some of the Presentation Sisters’ congregational ministries. From 2001-2006, St. Bernard’s Parish supported a joint medical mission in Santa Clara, Mexico. This joint ministry between the Presentation Sisters of San Francisco and Aberdeen provided medical services for those living in the Santa Clara area and the clinic is now being run by the native people.

Since 2006, the parish has supported Lantern Light, a New Orleans-based ministry. Lantern Light has been sustained by the entire Presentation Conference and is now in a transition period, with the sisters leaving this ministry and transferring the day-to-day operations to staff and volunteers in the New Orleans area.