Continuing the Legacy of Education through our Internship Program

Education is the underlying fabric that weaves itself into all of the Presentation ministries. We continue to value education and work to find creative and new ways to interact with students. In 2013, seeing value in 1-1 relationships and mentorships, we started an internship program in Sioux Falls.

This program is managed by the mission development team and began with an emphasis on marketing for the annual Cinco de Mayo Fiesta. However, as we the program evolved, we have started seeing value in a longer orientation and onboarding for the intern. This allows the intern to truly understand and connect with all of our ministries and dive a little deeper to the core of Presentation mission.

Through our internship program we strive to provide hands on experiences and leadership opportunities. We aim to empower students and add a component to enhance their academic career and personal development. Presentation Sisters Gift and Stewardship Office Jen Rothenbuehler, states, “This program is a win-win for us. Not only do we get to meet and work with young students, who enhance our work and our lives with new ideas and creativity, it also allows us to tell more people about the Presentation mission.”

We also stay in contact with our interns after the semester-long program is completed as we want to continue providing mentorship to these individuals as they navigate into the working world.

Delaney Schuttler, our 2022 Intern, recently shared this message with our office:

“My time with the Presentation Sisters organization was one of meaning, knowledge and impact. As a college student, this internship allowed me to invest into the surrounding community, gain valuable information pertaining to my future career, deepen my values and served as a guiding point as I was about to enter my professional career.”

This spring we welcome Noa Marteau as our intern for the Presentation Sisters Mission Development Office. Noa, a junior marketing major at Augustana University, brings a sense of new perspective and energy in everything she does! It is nice to have the additional help planning the Cinco De Mayo Fiesta and also a fresh set of eyes. We look forward to working with her in the coming months and all of the ideas and perspectives she can bring.