Dubuque Associate Writes Book on Nano

Dubuque Presentation Associate Barbara Ressler just published a book about Nano Nagle. It is now available in paperback, hardcover and e-book formats.

Barbara’s manuscript came in the second of the two finalists in response to an invitation¬†by the Union for “an updated” account of the life of Nano for the modern reader. According to Barbara, “Each chapter has poetry and is written as if Nano is writing in her journal. My intent was to have Nano come alive as a person to help the reader relate to her.”

Barbara, a high school teacher, wanted to write a book that can be read easily and would interest her students. She says the book can be read in one or two hours and covers Nano’s live from age 13 to her death.

You can order a copy of Barbara’s book at Archway Publishing.