Dubuque: Catholic Sisters Launch Yearlong Social Justice Conversation Series

Catholic sisters from 24 congregations in four states this March will launch a yearlong, live-streamed conversation series on the leading social justice issues of our time. Titled “Exploring Intersections: Catholic Sisters on Racism, Migration and Climate,” each month this series will focus on a different social issue and explore how it intersects with racism, migration and climate in a thought-provoking and engaging conversation. Three panelists from different walks of life, including Catholic sisters, will bring unique perspectives to each session.

This series is intended to provide a forum for constructive conversation on the big issues of our day, and how each intersects with the major themes of racism, migration and climate. Topics include gender equality, care of creation, migration, racial justice, ending human trafficking, eliminating gun violence, economic justice, food security, restorative justice, affordable housing, educational justice and equitable access to health care.

The conversations will be streamed live on YouTube at 3 p.m. CT the second Wednesday of each month. The live-streamed sessions will be interactive, with opportunities for questions and comments following the 45-minute panel conversation for those who register on Zoom. All sessions are recorded and can be viewed at any time. Below is a schedule of upcoming conversations. For information on how to register to participate in “Exploring Intersections” go to www.exploringintersections.org.


May 12, 2021: Migration
June 9, 2021: Racial Justice
July 14, 2021: Ending Human Trafficking
August 11, 2021: Eliminating Gun Violence
September 8, 2021: Economic Justice
October 13, 2021: Food Security
November 10, 2021: Restorative Justice
December 8, 2021: Affordable Housing
January 12, 2022: Education Justice
February 9, 2022: Equitable Access to Healthcare
March 9, 2022: Navigating the Road Ahead

“Exploring Intersections” is a project of Region X of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), which comprises congregations of women religious in eastern Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska, joined by a few congregations in Wisconsin. Founded in 1956, LCWR represents nearly 80 percent of Catholic Sisters in the United States. As a support system and corporate voice for leaders of congregations of Catholic Sisters, LCWR develops leadership, promotes collaboration within church and society, and serves as a voice for systemic change.