Fargo Foundation Day and Union Fusion Day – July 22

Fargo Foundation Day July 22, 1882-2020
Union Fusion Day July 22 2013-2020

Times change, but our faith endures.

It was 138 years ago on July 22 that Mother John Hughes and Mother Agnes Hughes came to the part of Dakota territory, we know as Fargo, North Dakota. Sister Lorraine Schmaltz noted when listening to the weather recently that some of the hottest July temperatures in Fargo were in 1882, as high as 99 or 102 degrees.  What a marvel that these brave women could come  and then in four days open a school.

We, sisters in Fargo, gathered in a remembrance prayer to give thanks for God’s tenderness, kindness and mercy which has never failed. We gave thanks for these pioneers who braved the sea, storms, heat and open prairies to lay the cornerstone of the Fargo foundation, to bring Nano’s light in North Dakota. The sisters’ celebration was two-fold.  It was just seven years ago that the Fargo community celebrated fusion with the US Province.

At evening prayer, the sisters gathered in chapel for prayer and remembrance. Our attention was drawn to the display of the pictures of Mother John and Mother Agnes Hughes; the plaque with the names of all the sisters who have died in Fargo; and the US Unit Book of Life. During the service sisters prayed for individual deceased sisters, sharing memories of the gift that sister had been to them. It was a reminder of her continued presence with us. We are strengthened our dedication by the memory of their faithfulness.

Earlier in the day sisters who were able visited the graves of the sisters at Holy Cross Cemetery.

– written by Sister Lorraine Schmaltz
Photo-Sister Josephine Brennan