Feast of the Presentation in San Francisco

The chapel of the Presentation motherhouse in San Francisco was quiet on November 21, the Feast of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, last year. The city was in lockdown; priests were unable to come in to celebrate Mass. So this year, with the sun shining, vaccinations and masks in place, and the feast falling on a Sunday – Christ the King, no less – the chapel was filled with sisters, associates, family and friends. Rev. Tony Mancuso preached a beautiful homily, reminding everyone that it was Nano Nagle’s acknowledgement of Christ as King that drove her to serve Him tirelessly. The student choir from Presentation High School in San Jose provided magnificent music, and everyone celebrated with joy – and much laughter and catching up – at the luncheon after Mass. The sense of gratitude at being together was a perfect way to usher in the week of Thanksgiving.

Students at Presentation High School share a blessing with the Presentation Sisters.

The preceding Friday, Presentation High School in San Jose had the “best day of the school year,” as they describe Feast Day. Beginning with Mass, where the students and faculty are joined by alumnae and Presentation Sisters, it is a day of traditions including hearing the story of Nano Nagle and witnessing the Sisters’ renewal of vows. Nonstop activity continues all day, including skits by students, faculty, and staff. The Sisters are always made to feel welcome and special; this year was no exception. Connections were renewed between Sisters and former students; Sister Joan Riordan continues to tutor English at the school. The day is always at the beginning of the holiday season, coinciding with the kickoff of the school’s “Season of Giving.” Please hold these students in your prayers. They are carrying Nano’s lantern into the future.