International Nano Nagle Commission

by Presentation Sister Betty Rae Lee

Presentation Sisters Veronica Casey (NZ), Betty Rae Lee (NL) and Anne Lyons (Ireland), along with Margaret Rosair, friend of Nano (India), were appointed to the International Nano Nagle Commission in 2015. We are mandated to facilitate creative ways of making Nano known, loved and proclaimed as a woman for our time now in collaboration with our sisters, friends of Nano, co-workers and students.

I was privileged to attend the Nano Nagle Commission Meeting in Mosgiel, New Zealand, in February 2016. Despite long travel and arduous work, these days were rich indeed as we shared with different voices the charism of our beloved Nano. While in New Zealand, we had a one-day meeting with the International Presentation Lay Movement for Mission (IPLMM). Mary-Ann Greaney, friend of Nano (NZ); Maria Owen, friend of Nano (England) and Presentation Sister Mildred Soldevilla (Phillipines) coordinate this global movement.

Among our other responsibilities is a special focus on promoting awareness of and animating activities in celebration of Nano’s 300th birthday in 2018. We will be seeking your creative ideas as our planning for this event continues as all over the world we keep widening our tents in our efforts to be about the Gospel of Jesus and the spirituality of Nano.

We are carriers of Nano’s dream for our time and place. I thank you for all you are doing in your regions to harness the energy and the giftedness of all who have been blessed by the legacy of this vibrant woman.

The following sites may be helpful:
This site gives some detail of our time together, including a short video I did on Nano’s first associates, catechists she sent to the West Indies in 1770 even before our congregation was founded.
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