IPA Leadership Groups Meets in San Francisco

International Presentation Association leaders gathered at the Presentation motherhouse in San Francisco for their annual planning meeting, May 1 through 6.  On their agenda was their normal planning work as well as planning for the IPA Assembly set for Sydney in September 2017.


At right:  San Francisco Sisters (left to right) Rachel Pinal and Joan Riordan greet guests Sister Patricia Anastasio, New Windsor president, and Sister Elsa Muttathu, United Nations NGO.

The group included Sister Mary Deane, Union of Presentation Sisters congregational leader; Sister Patricia Anastasio, president of the New Windsor congregation and the Conference of Presentation Sisters representative on the IPA leadership team; and Sister Maureen Watson, outgoing Australia Society leader.  Joining them were Sister Elsa Muttathu, the representative for the IPA NGO at the United Nations; Sister Elena Hoye, IPA networker; and Sister Marlette Black, Queensland Presentation leader and newly elected Australia Society leader. Sister Marlette, along with Sister Anne Lane, Wagga Wagga Presentation leader, will serve as facilitator for the IPA Assembly.

The motherhouse community in San Francisco were delighted to welcome these guests and enjoyed their presence at daily liturgy and meals.

Patricia and Patricia AnneWEBAt right, Sister Patricia O’Sullivan, Union Sister from San Bruno, joined Sister Patricia Anne Cloherty for the festive dinner at San Francisco’s Motherhouse.

The San Francisco leadership team hosted a California cuisine dinner for 50 sisters and associates to meet the guests on May 3. Sister Antonio Heaphy and Sister Patricia O’Sullivan, members of the San Bruno Union Presentation community, also joined the guests. The dinner was an opportunity for sharing and getting better acquainted, as well as for some of the San Francisco Justice Committee to meet with Sister Elena and Sister Elsa. Sister Stephanie Still, president of the San Francisco Presentations, began the dinner with a prayerful toast to Nano Nagle and her followers. Sister Maureen gave a heartfelt thank you at the end of the dinner for the hospitality they group had received.

Mary and CarlWEBAt left, Sister Mary Deane, Union Leader, shares conversation with Sister Carl Fischer.






Justice WEB ipaAt left: San Francisco Justice Committee members Sister Maire Sullivan (left) and Sister Kathleen Healy (right) shared with Sister Elsa Muttathu (center).