John Kenyon Named Executive Director for San Francisco Presentation Sisters

The Presentation Sisters of San Francisco have selected John Kenyon to be the first executive director for the congregation.

This new position is an outcome of thoughtful discernment by the community, informed by the directional statement that has guided the current leadership team since 2016. The statement notes that the community members acknowledge “… the challenges of our reality as a smaller, older community with limited resources and commit to addressing these challenges with a sense of urgency.” One of those challenges has been the daily management of business operations. The role of executive director is designed to transfer much of that responsibility to a lay person, allowing leadership to focus on the mission and ministry of the Sisters of the Presentation as well as the care of their members.

Sister Michele Anne Murphy, president of the congregation, made this announcement at a meeting of sisters and associates on February 16, 2022, noting that John has worked as a consultant with the community and so brings familiarity and knowledge to this new role, as well as his demonstrated respect for the mission, history, and sisters’ wishes for the future.

Reacting to his appointment, John said, “I am delighted to be joining the PBVM San Francisco team as executive director. I have a deep respect for the charism of the Presentation community and as executive director my approach will be that everything we do is informed by Presentation values. I enter into this exciting adventure with an open heart and a watchful reverence both for what has been and for emerging possibilities.”

With this organizational change, the Presentation Sisters continue their commitment to “participate in the universal mission of Jesus Christ and to follow Nano’s exhortation to love another and to spend ourselves for the poor.” (Directional Statement, 2016-2022)