Lifting up Consecrated Life in San Francisco and Monterey

Two Sisters of the Presentation who have been bridges of information and understanding between four arch/bishops and dozens of religious orders recently retired from their positions.

Sister Rosina Conrotto was director of the Office for Consecrated Life for the Archdiocese of San Francisco from 2009-2022. She retired on June 28.

Sister Gloria Loya was appointed vicar for religious in the Diocese of Monterey in 2014. Her retirement was at the end of May.

According to the National Conference for Vicars of Religious (NCVR), “The members of NCVR are appointed as vicars or delegates by their diocesan bishops first, to be advisory to the bishops on developments in consecrated life on a global scale and within the diocese and secondly, to be a liaison from the bishop to serve the needs of members of consecrated life in each diocese… the members today include mostly women religious and other members of consecrated life.”

The positions were opportunities to share the Presentation charism with not only other religious communities, but also with the broader Catholic audience in these two dioceses as Sisters Rosina and Gloria carried out their responsibilities in the spirit of Nano Nagle. As Sister Gloria noted, “God’s grace to guide me and hold me faithful to our charism is where the energy, inspiration and creativity flow out in ministry, even in the smallest act of service.”

There were many parallels in their roles, but their individual stories and experiences vary. As Sister Rosina and Sister Gloria move on to their next areas of ministry, they reflected on their time in service to bishops and to other religious orders. (Read the full article at