Nano’s Nursery Closet

The Avera St. Luke’s Hospital Auxiliary was formed in 1925 by a group of physician’s wives who came together with the mission of raising funds for those who needed assistance to cover their medical expenses. Their mission was to promote and advance the welfare of St. Luke’s Hospital, now Avera St. Luke’s, through services such as fundraisers as well as being ambassadors and volunteers. We are proud to have some congregational employees and cojourners (associates) as members of the Auxiliary. Avera St. Luke’s Hospital is a sponsored ministry of the Presentation Sisters and the Benedictine Sisters.

As the years went by, their focus shifted as the needs of the hospital changed. They have successfully initiated several programs, raised funds for necessary equipment and renovation projects, and most recently, donated funds for the remodel of the Women’s Birth Center and the introduction of Nano’s Nursery Closet.

Nano’s Nursery Closet, named in honor of Nano Nagle, came to fruition after a need arose for mothers and their babies to have adequate supplies for a safe discharge after birth.  Nurses and administrators knew the need was great and the idea of a closet of supplies was suggested.  Currently Avera St. Luke’s Hospital has five physicians who deliver an average of 30 babies per month.  In 2023, doctors delivered 357 babies with 20% of those births needing some form of social work consultation.  The OB nurses work closely with social work agencies to provide all the necessary services for mom and baby.

Through Nano’s Nursery Closet, mothers and babies will be provided an assortment of items to help start their successful journey into motherhood. Recently, Auxiliary members threw a “Baby Shower” in honor of Nano’s Nursery Closet.  We had a collection basket at Presentation Place and gathered over 100 items which were donated to the Closet.  It was a blessing to be able to support our local hospital in the name of Nano.  We know she would be so proud of the efforts of this small group making a huge impact on the lives of many.