New Windsor’s Nora Cronin Academy Holds Graduation Ceremony

On June 8, 2018, Nora Cronin Presentation Academy held its eight annual graduation ceremony at St. Francis of Assisi in Newburgh, New York, where faculty, alumni and sisters watched 15 young girls walk across the stage to receive their diplomas. Many of these young women were given awards from the State of New York Office, Archdioceses of New York and Nora Cronin Presentation Academy for all their dedication, not only in the classroom, but in the community.

Sister Yliana, principal, believes that middle grade graduation is always a very important ceremony in the life of the school. The goal of the school is to continue breaking the cycle of poverty through education. This goal is made possible through the generosity of people who believe in the goals of the school for low-income girls in the city of Newburgh. Nora Cronin Presentation Academy has helped to turn the dreams of these families into reality. Statistics show that educating a girl helps to not only educate a family, but educate the community and even a nation.

The faculty, alumni and Presentation Sisters are proud that all of the graduates go on to local high schools and many of them are attending college, serving in the armed forces or pursuing post-high school education. Sister Yliana gave a special thanks to her religious congregation, the Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary; members of the board of trustees of the school both past and present; the Dominican Sisters of Hope; the faculty; our volunteers; our alumnae; our donors and the parents of our students. All of you are a very special part of the Nora Cronin Presentation Academy family.