Union: Newfoundland and Labrador Response to Pope Francis

Dorothy Corrigan head shotwritten by Union: Newfoundland and Labrador Presentation Sister Dorothy Corrigan

A few weeks ago l had the privilege of being one of the presenters at a retreat called BODY, MIND and SPIRIT. These retreats have been held twice a year for nearly 20 years, orchestrated by a wonderful lay woman. I have been involved in these retreats for the last 10 years.

Forty women – and one brave male – gathered for this one. Over the three days, I was moved, inspired, challenged and nurtured. Most particularly, l was filled with HOPE.

Here was a group of adults – ages ranging from early thirties to late seventies – fully committed to spending a weekend dedicated to their spiritual growth, at a personal cost, both physical and financial. Many of these women have established careers of their own, all in the realm of promoting consciousness and honoring the energy in all creation. They were here to give and to receive, with openness, generosity and humility.

This was the weekend when Earth Day occurred.
The celebration began the night before Earth Day with the Dance for Mother Earth and closed the next night with a Sacred Fire Ritual honoring all the ancestors from the four directions. There were many other rituals, meditations, poetry and movement as the retreat unfolded.

I came away feeling such great Hope for our world. l experienced there an ingrained spirituality centered on the sacredness of all life; a spirituality based on deep respect for all creatures; a spirituality coming out of creation itself. I experienced an aliveness in these people that was enabling genuine communion. I have no doubt that this pocket of energy added to the energies of love and goodness that can and will outshine the darkness. Our world needs this love and goodness, and there are persons committed to doing their part to cultivate these powerful energies.

I know Pope Francis would be heartened and encouraged by the depth of commitment shown by the people who prayed together that weekend.