New Windsor Sisters and Associates Gather for Retreat Day

On Saturday, April 30, 2018, 21 associates along with Sisters from New England, Newburgh/New Windsor, the Bronx, New Jersey and Pennsylvania gathered for an inspirational retreat day at Mount St. Joseph Convent.

Father Dennis O’Brien, Presentation Associate and priest from the Worcester Diocese, shared his love for Nano and the congregation through prayer, song, and a message built on the words of Nano. During that time, associates and sisters were reminded of their baptismal call, were blessed with water and were anointed with holy oil from Jerusalem. During the retreat, there was time for quiet reflection and creating community. The retreat ended with a liturgy in the chapel. An extra blessing of the day was that the Sisters who reside on the “hill” joined us for liturgy.

Sisters and associates thought it was a beautiful and prayerful event. Everyone felt blessed to be a part of this day and came away deepened in the gifts of faith, hope and love.  Thank you, Father Dennis, for living out the words of Nano, “Love one another.”