Presentation Associates Gather for Retreat

The San Francisco Presentation Associates were elated to be able to gather this month for their first in-person event since the pandemic begin. Held at San Damiano Retreat Center across the bay from San Francisco, the retreat was facilitated by Colette Lafia on the theme “The Divine Heart.” Warm fellowship, personal and spiritual growth opportunities, and the beautiful grounds and weather enhanced the joy of being together again. Although there have been many online activities and meetings during the pandemic, no one missed the Zoom screen this weekend!

The associates took this opportunity to recognize notable associate anniversaries for Ramona Michaels (37 years), Jane Hetherington (25 years), Kay Sweeney (20 years) and Rochelle Ramirez (10 years, not present), who received “Not Words But Deeds” stoles handmade by Loretta Nekota, and gifted with boxes filled with prayers and good wishes.