Regenerative Agriculture Conference

On January 27, 2022, our Aberdeen congregation, in partnership with the South Dakota Soil Health Coalition and the South Dakota Grassland Coalition, hosted Gabe Brown for a Regenerative Agriculture Discussion at the Dakota Events Center (DEC) in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

Gabe brought a surprise to the event for us all. Gabe invited Roy Thompson, a Selby, South Dakota, native farmer, to also speak during the afternoon. Roy shared his story that actually connects his own recovery from illness and sustained health to the processes and practices of regenerative farming.

Both men did a great job connecting their work and beliefs to their faith. It was truly an inspirational day for all.

If you were not able to register for the event, Gabe has made it clear that sharing information openly is the only way to continue to grow the regenerative agriculture movement. Feel free to share the link below with your family and friends!

The provided link highlights both topics of discussion as well as the video recording from the event: Gabe Brown Regenerative Agriculture Video