San Francisco: Presentation High School Students Spirit of Nano

In the spirit of Nano Nagle, here are two stories of the many students doing good from Presentation High School in San Jose, California.

Stuti Vishwabhan, Class of 2016, demonstrates a deep commitment to service through her nonprofit organization, Teach Seniors Technology. As the name implies, “We teach senior citizens how to use different tech devices,” said Stuti. Her academic achievements have her headed to Massachusetts in the fall to study electrical engineering and computer science at MIT. “One of my dream jobs has always been being like the CEO of my own tech company,” Stuti said. “I want to inspire other workers, I want to be engaged in a lot of philanthropy and help other communities.” Stuti was profiled by ABC7 News as one of the top scholars in the Bay Area.

To see Stuti Vishwabhan’s profile:¬†Presentation Graduate ABC 7 Scholar.

Carson Myers is a Presentation High School senior who combined her two passions: swimming and volunteer work. She was surprised to learn there were not many places in San Jose that offered free swim lessons to low-income children. So she decided to start her own program. But, no one signed up! Soon she learned low-income kids did not have swimsuits or goggles. Within a few weeks of securing donated swimsuits and goggles, 65 children signed up for the lessons; she was swamped all summer.

To see Carson Myers’ story on NBCBayArea:¬†Presentation Diving into The Deep End.