San Francisco Sisters Participate in Indoor Picnic for the Homeless

Photo above: While not all were in the photo, the Presentation Sisters who helped were Ann Conlon, Judy Cunningham, Virginia Espinal, Antonio Heaphy, and the “indoor picnic” coordinator, Rosina Conrotto. Also helping were Presentation Associates Ramona Michaels and Pamela Manick.

On Saturday, March 10, 2018, in honor of Catholic Sisters’ Week, a garden party for men and women who are homeless on the streets of San Francisco was held at Most Holy Redeemer Parish Hall. This event is the third annual event which was begun in 2016, the Year of Consecrated Life. The indoor picnic is a reflection of the charisms of the congregations represented. (See photo of religious who volunteered).

More than 125 men and women joined the council of religious for a barbecue of hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, beverages and dessert. In addition, they received gifts of socks, toiletries, gift cards, scarves and hats. (See photos of guests).

The San Francisco Homeless guests were given socks, toiletries, gift cards, scarves and hats

Our Venerable Nano Nagle must have been proud of Sister Rosina for coordinating the “indoor picnic” for so many of the homeless community last month. A big endeavor that involved so many giving hearts.

Joy and companionship were plentiful at the third annual indoor picnic.