San Francisco: Valentine Cookies for the Homeless

“Don’t forget my friend on the doorstep.” This is what one homeless person said as a Valentine cookie was received last year.

This year on February 11, 2018, 19 volunteers gathered at the motherhouse in San Francisco. The volunteers were sisters and graduates from Presentation High School. Our motherhouse sisters, including those on walkers and sisters from our local houses, joined the 1976 graduates to decorate cookies. As the frosting and small candies were creatively placed on the heart-shaped cookies, the volunteers spoke of their experience.

It is very exciting that these hearts of love are going with love to those in need, Pres girls stay together.

After the cookies were put into bags, some of the volunteers drove to San Francisco’s Tenderloin District and gave them to many smiling individuals. Some of the homeless expressed their gratitude by saying, “God bless you!”

Sister Eileen Canelo (third from left) receives personal coaching from Sister Sylvia Llerena, who leans in with more details. Sister Michele Anne Murphy, president, (second from left) also offers some support, as Sister Eileen Diggins (with her back to us) decorates a cookie.