Sister Richelle Friedman Represents Presentation Sisters on JFI

Justice for Immigrants (JFI) is a coalition of Catholic organizations committed to immigration reform as a priority of the U.S. Catholic Church and to creating a culture of welcome for all migrants. JFI is coordinated by the USCCB with members that include many religious communities, Catholic organizations, LCWR and CMSM. The Conference of Presentation Sisters is pleased to announce that Dubuque Presentation Sister Richelle Friedman will represent the Conference in JFI.

Richelle, director of public policy at the Coalition on Human Needs in Washington, works on many facets of immigration with CHN-member organizations like the National Immigration Law Center and she participates in inter-faith efforts.

Richelle states, “I am pleased to represent the Conference in the Justice for Immigrants coalition. JFI has strong members committed to creating a more just immigration system based on the principles of Catholic social teachings.”

Richelle will be representing the Conference at the monthly JFI meetings, will be doing immigration work on Capital Hill and is empowered to formally sign the Conference of Presentation Sisters onto statements or letters generated through JFI.

“I also very much look forward to bringing to JFI the perspective of the great immigration-related work Presentation Sisters and Associates throughout the country are doing,” said Richelle.