Sister Sharon Altendorf Recognized

Never a dull moment at the bus station for the Interfaith Welcome Coalition ministry volunteers. These women and men welcome asylum seekers who pass through San Antonio, Texas.

Minerva Briones, on behalf of the United Methodist Women National Office, presented Sister Sharon Altendorf with a Special Mission Recognition pin and certificate. It was given in recognition of her “gift for ministries with women, children and youth.”

In her remarks, Sister Sharon noted that she had observed, “a young couple dressed for church one Sunday who dropped off an elderly blind man they had found walking along the highway headed to the bus station. They stopped, picked him up and brought him to the bus station paying for his ticket and buying food for him. They left him in our care as on they went to church—Good Samaritans in action! Requests we receive could be anything. On one occasion an asylum-seeking woman asked if she could use the tip of my earring to open her iPhone!”