Sisters Vera and Enid Bid Farewell to New Orleans

by Sister Vera Butler (Union: US) and Sister Enid Story (New Windsor) – from an address given at a farewell celebration in New Orleans

There is a time for everything!  May 7, 2016, is our time to say farewell as we know the spirit will live on in Lantern Light, New Orleans, La. We feel the lantern will continue to burn brightly and bring HOPE to those who need encouragement and support.  So many religious sisters have been part of the development of Lantern Light, either by your presence, encouragement, volunteering or by spreading the word.  We ask that you continue that support in whatever way possible.

While Sister Enid Storey and I are both Presentation Sisters, we belong to different congregations. The ministry at Lantern Light has been supported by the Conference of Presentation Sisters. This ministry was planned in 2003 and was to begin September 1, 2005. In the reading from Jeremiah in our prayer we heard, “God has a plan for you.”  We thought we had a plan when we were to begin but God laughed and told us he had a different plan!

Our involvement in the ministry is coming to an end but it is also another ending for New Windsor and Union congregations. The New Windsor Sisters came to Houma in 1948, which was part of the New Orleans Archdiocese then, and later ministered in St. David’s, New Orleans. The Union Sisters came to St. Clement of Rome in 1967 to start the school. So for both of these congregations it is an end to their presence in the archdiocese.

However, we are grateful that Presentation Sisters Julie and Mary Lou from Dubuque will carry the light of the lantern in their ministry at Hotel Hope in New Orleans.

Thank you to all who planned the special blessing and to the Christian Brothers who hosted the event.

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