Speaking Against Violence, Calling for Change

The San Francisco Presentation Sisters released this statement publicly on December 8, 2021:

It is becoming apparent that 2021 will be remembered as one of the most contentious of our lives, with extraordinary divisiveness and lack of civil behavior contributing to an environment in which reports of violence are a persistent drumbeat. Peaceful protests, a hallmark of democratic society, and even ordinary public gatherings have become scenes of carnage so often that we are no longer surprised, let alone shocked, upon hearing of violent acts.

All forms of violence must be intolerable to all of us – parents, teachers, politicians, law enforcement, religious leaders, and every citizen. Violence cannot be the default means of conflict resolution, especially considering the apparent wide-spread, easy availability of guns. The stakes do not get any higher than this. The stories cannot become more painful. Something must change. Something different must start now.

We, Sisters of the Presentation, strongly encourage everyone reading this message to join us in prayerfully considering what we can do within our own circles of influence to take a significant stand against the normalization and prevalence of violence, to effect a turning toward peace: contacting our local, state, and national legislators; working with or supporting violence-prevention organizations; advocating for responsible gun ownership including national background checks; talking with friends about the issue and inviting them to step up also. Over this all we pray that the Prince of Peace will strengthen us in our desire for and work toward a growing culture of peace.