Union: Newfoundland and Labrador Province Sisters Close St. Patrick’s Convent

Sunday, September 11, the Presentation Sisters gathered at St. Patrick’s Convent in St. John’s for a moving closing ritual, and then with the parishioners for a Thanksgiving liturgy. Together they remembered, celebrated and gave thanks for 160 years in ministry amongst and in partnership with the people of the St. Patrick’s Parish.

On behalf of the people of the parish, one of the parishioner’s own personal and touching reflections took participants on a journey down through the years, a compliment to a tribute printed in the parish bulletin.
In her address at the end of the liturgy, Sister Betty Rae beautifully captured both the history and the deeper human story.

st-patrick-convent-liturgyAmidst the warmth and gratitude could be felt a sense of sadness, tempered as it was by the anticipation of the something new that awaits. As the liturgy concluded, all in attendance extended hands in blessing to those present and so many others there in spirit.

A formal announcement of the repurposing of the convent will be made the end of October when details have been officially confirmed.

The liturgy celebration naturally overflowed into a social in the parish centre, where stories continued to be shared, memories rekindled, gratitude voiced yet again, amidst eager anticipation of the newness that awaits in the continuing unfolding of God’s dream.

As we have all often prayed, “For all that has been, thanks! For all that will be, yes!”