Union: US – Opening Borders, Opening Hearts

Above, Associates Josh Boschee, far left, and Randy and Mary Jo Lewis, third and fourth left.

Three Presentation associates (Josh Boschee, Randy Lewis and Mary Jo Lewis) from Fargo joined a North Dakota/Minnesota group traveling to El Paso, Texas/Juarez, Mexico, facilitated by Opening Borders (Abriendo Fronteras) to get first-hand knowledge and experience of the stories of the migrants escaping violence in Central America and seeking asylum in the United States. Associate Kevin Wallevand traveled with a similar group in October 2019 and produced a wonderful video record of the experience. You can view the documentary, A River Becomes a Wall, on YouTube.


Our group visited with many people helping the migrants including workers in shelters, immigration attorneys, a physician running a clinic in Juarez, people supporting the farm workers in El Paso, a retreat house in New Mexico providing sanctuary, and many others committed to helping at the border. There are many ways to help including donations of money and supplies, writing letters to our congressional delegations, and helping our neighbors and families become aware of the situation at the border.