Union: US Province – Friends of Nano Gather

The Southern California Friends of Nano gathered for their annual retreat on May 23. The day was focused on the two themes the six local groups studied and reflected on this year, immigration and care of the earth. Sister Catherine Burke gave a very informative and inspirational talk on immigration, and a beautiful DVD provided food for reflection and discussion later that day.

Five of the six local coordinators of the Southern California Friends of Nano met with Sister Jane Bonar during lunch to evaluate the past year and plan for the next one. The focus of their study and reflection for next year will be the new book being published about Nano and the issue of human trafficking. Each local group meets twice a year and the entire Southern California group meets yearly for their annual retreat.

Pictured, left to right, are Mary Prather, coordinator of the Orange group and secretary for the entire group; Dru Moschel, coordinator of the Cypress group; Barbara Bivens, co-coordinator of the Orange group; Cynthia Fessler, coordinator of the Upland group; Chelo Ibarra, coordinator of the Watts group; and Gude Floratos, coordinator of the Redondo Beach group.
lunch with jane bonar3