Union: US Province Sister Vera Butler Honored

On October 27, 2016, Presentation Sister Vera Butler was honored at a Dominican Gala in New Orleans, La., honoring the Dominicans’ 800 years of preaching. The Province of St. Martin de Porres of Dominicans serve the Southern states and their commission is “to go out to all the world and spread the Good News, through teaching educating and evangelizing with a primary, even unique focus on the underserved and the under-evangelized.” Sister Vera was recognized for her work among the under-served in their local community.

Taken from: Dominican Friars website

Nearly 20 years ago, after serving many years in the teaching ministry in Ireland and the United States, Sister Vera came to serve in outreach ministry at St. Joseph Church in New Orleans, immediately recognizing the need to expand the daily lunch program to serve the homeless and working poor of the city.

Not only did Sister Vera minister to the impoverished but she was a great example to the hundreds of volunteers who were drawn to assist her in service to others every day. Sister Vera said her greatest achievement in New Orleans was “the gift of support and encouragement I received from so many people. People who were willing to walk the walk and address the cause of those who have become homeless and reach out to make a difference in their lives. For this, I am deeply grateful.”

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