Union: US Sisters Take Part in Senior Breakfast at St. Joseph

March 14 was very special for the parish seniors and eighth grade students. That morning the eighth grade class joined the seniors for morning rosary and breakfast at a local restaurant. They were escorted by their teacher and school principal, Mrs Alamo-Ng and by Sisters Fidelma, Angela, Sheila and Mary. Mr. Bettencourt, eighth grade teacher, paired each student with a senior who was their breakfast companion for the morning.

Students wait for trasnportation to the senior breakfast.

The students thoroughly enjoyed listening to the seniors talk about their childhood experiences. They were fascinated and very interested in school life back then, the games they played, means of transportation and limited ways of communicating. They also saw the richness and simplicity of family life over 50 years ago when people spent more time at home, shared meals and used dinnertime to discuss the happenings of the day and their teenage worries and concerns. The students shared about their world and their dreams and hopes for the future. They also learned how the seniors handled difficulties and how important God was in their lives. It was a rich experience for the entire group.