Union: US – Upland, California, Community Life Continues in New Ways

From left, Sisters Jocelyn Quijano, Fidelema Lyne, Maria Kelly and Sheila Reen.

Did anyone ever think at the beginning of 2020 that we would be going through these strange and difficult days? We stay at home as we have been asked, not just for ourselves but as an act of love for others. We celebrate Eucharist via live stream and for most of us, not receiving communion. We have more time for the “holy” stuff, as someone in the community calls it. Some of us have “gone to birthday parties” or celebrated Easter via Zoom or Facebook Messenger. Some have asked for money at the bank wearing a mask and gloves! Certainly, we here in Upland have been recipients of the goodness and kindness of people as the doorbell rings and the phone buzzes to notify us that goodies or groceries are left at the front door. We can go on and on, and we are sure you have your own stories.

Recently, a local hospital asked a local church to make masks for patients. A small group of people organized themselves to respond to this need. We got a phone call to ask if we would be willing to help cut fabric into rectangles so those with sewing machines can sew them. We said ‘yes’ of course, and so the doorbell rang with a plastic bag full of fabric. And we got into action, doing our little part in response to a need

Isn’t that what we, women religious, have always done through the ages? We act in response to different needs, and in so doing, we “foster the values proclaimed in the life and mission of Jesus” (C2 Our Way of Life).