Working for Change

On Thursday, October 28, the Dubuque Presentation Associate Partnership Office invited all Presentation people to help fill Thanksgiving bags for local needy families. This mission was a joint project with Resources Unite and Western Dubuque High School, with the goal of providing a bag with everything a family of six needs to sit down and enjoy a holiday meal together. Each bag included green beans, instant mashed potatoes, stuffing, a packet of gravy, cornbread mix, cranberry sauce, canned sweet potatoes, a pie and a ham.

Participants were given three ways to help: purchase food items and drop off at the Presentation motherhouse, volunteer alongside Western Dubuque High School students to deliver bags to the homebound on November 13, or make a monetary donation. All monetary donations went towards purchasing hams from the local Hormel plant.

Associate Partnership co-directors, Radie Roberts and Colleen Venter enthusiastically display donated Thanksgiving food items.

Presentation people rose to the challenge and raised $490 which along with food donations received will feed roughly 50 families.

“From my early childhood, I always remember the excitement and joy of going to my grandparents house for the holidays, knowing precious time and care was given in preparing a spread of delicious food. Gathering together and enjoying good food and company has always been important to my family,” states Jane Buse-Miller, director of communications. “I’m so grateful and I want to help make sure others are able to have such warm holiday memories filled with happiness and warm food on the table.”

On Tuesday, November 9, five Western Dubuque students came to the Associate Office to receive the food donations that had been generously collected from sisters, associates, staff and neighbors for the Thanksgiving meal project.

West Dubuque senior Ellie McDermott says she has been involved with this project since she was a sophomore. “Seeing the impact we make on the families when we deliver the food to them is why I do it.”

When asked why she chose to be involved with the project, Sister Lynn Fangman shares, “It’s absolutely wonderful. It’s what we, as Presentations, are all about.”

Associate Janine Idziak adds, “It’s a matter of Presentation hospitality. In providing Thanksgiving meals, we are making the recipients our dinner guests.”

“It has been an honor to work in partnership with Resources Unite and Western Dubuque High School in providing support to our local community,” adds Jane. “It never gets old seeing the amazing difference we can make in the lives of others when we work together.”