Aberdeen: Continuing Our Lenten Journey

19 Mar, 2021

This Lenten season, we are focusing ourselves on Pope Francis’s Encyclical, Laudato Si’, Care of our Common Home. A calendar was mailed to the parishioners of some of our Diocesan parishes, as well as family and friends of our congregation. The calendar provides simple ways we may turn our focus to the care of relationships we have with God, with ourselves, Mother earth and with our communities, offering hope to ourselves and each other. You may view this calendar on our website by CLICKING HERE.

On Saturday, February 20, we hosted our annual Lenten Retreat via Zoom conferencing. The retreat, entitled, “Cultivating Hope as One, Fostering the Expansive Vision of Jesus,” brought together virtually over 95 men and women and featured Ken Novak from Mitchell, South Dakota as our presenter.

The positive feedback after the retreat included, “this retreat was a gift from God,” “it was exactly what I needed to be doing today,” “Ken was a superb presenter and the information he presented was engaging and examples of real life,” “loved the inspiration coming from the speaker,” and many more. We were delighted to have been able to provide this event from people from across the country.

This year in lieu of a registration fee for this event, we asked the attendees to show up to the needs in their community, and reflect on how they can best use their gifts to address the needs around them; how they can show kindness to someone who may feel or be alone.  We invited them to offer prayers to those suffering, or anything that may bring peace, joy or love to others, as together, we can Cultivate Hope as One, in ourselves and each other.

We invite you to CLICK HERE to watch the retreat video. This link will take you to our website where you can find the video of the retreat in its entirety, two video files of just Ken’s presentation slides and copies of the handouts which were provided Saturday morning.

We hope this information will be a blessing to you as you continue your Lenten journey.

In continuing our Lenten journey, sisters, employees and cojourners (lay associates) are invited to attend a weekly, Tuesday morning, 30-minute virtual Zoom gathering. We come together, reflecting upon our Lenten calendar, to share in hope as we uplift one another. It has been a beautiful way to connect on how we are witnessing God show up during our Lenten journey.