Executive Team

The executive team includes a member of the leadership team from each of the Conference congregations.

The executive team members share the responsibilities of the work of the Conference. The team is assisted by Lisa Olson, Conference coordinator.

Sister Mary Catherine Redmond

Sister Mary Catherine Redmond is a member of the New Windsor Presentation congregation and serves as president of their leadership council. Prior to her time in leadership Sister was a physician’s assistant in the emergency room in North Bronx Hospital.

Sister Rita Menart

Sister Rita Menart is a member of the Dubuque Presentation Sisters leadership team and joined the executive team in 2023. Sister Rita was instrumental in bringing the Gathering of Presentation People to fruition as she served on the core planning team.

Sister Pam Chiesa

San Francisco Presentation Sister Pam Chiesa has been a member of the Conference executive team since 2017, serving as a past chair and also leading the committee working on structure and sustainability.

Sister Vicky Larson

Aberdeen Presentation Sister Vicky Larson has been a member of the executive team since 2020. Sister also serves on the collaborative vocation team for the Conference congregations. In this capacity she works with other vocation directors to bring meaningful, collaborative experiences to those seeking more information about vowed religious life.