Executive Team

The executive team is a three-sister team elected by the Conference of Presentation Sisters.

The three leaders share the responsibilities of the Conference. The team, once elected, discusses and decides who among them will handle the roles and responsibilities of each position. Each member serves in her leadership role for a two-year term. The team is assisted by Lisa Olson, Conference coordinator.

Sister Dorothy Scesny

Sister Dorothy Scesny is a member of the New Windsor Presentation congregation.

Mary Antonio Heaphy

Sister Mary Antonio Heaphy is a member of the Union of Presentation Sisters: United States Unit.

Sister Marilyn Breen

Dubuque Presentation Sister Marilyn Breen has been a member of the executive team since 2019.

Sister Pam Chiesa

San Francisco Presentation Sister Pam Chiesa has been a member of the Conference executive team since 2017.

Sister Vicky Larson

Aberdeen Presentation Sister Vicky Larson has been a member of the executive team since 2020.