Dubuque: Gratitude for our Mission Partners

19 Nov, 2019

On Wednesday, November 13, 2019, the Dubuque Presentation Sisters celebrated Foundation Day and the 50thanniversary of their move from Mt. Loretta to Carter Road. They extended the invitation beyond the sisters at the motherhouse to associates and benefactors with an invitation to the “Gratitude for our Mission Partners” event. Our partners in mission could choose to come to the morning mass or evening prayer and stay for a meal following the services. Nearly 100 sisters, associates, employees and benefactors were able to attend each offering. We are so blessed to have so much support beyond our doors!

Sisters Suzanne Gallagher (left) and Benjamin Duschner (right) enjoy catching up with Joan and Virgil Blocker.

Our celebration derived from 145 years ago when four women arrived in Dubuque from Mooncoin, Ireland, to establish the Dubuque Presentation congregation. Mother Vincent Hennessy, along with Alice Howley, Ellen A’Hearn and Kate Reide traveled an ocean and half a continent to transplant Gospel fire.

On Foundation Day, we honored their willingness to trust in Divine Providence and asked our guests to join us in thanking God for innumerable blessings that have been gifted to the Presentation Sisters who have followed in their footsteps.

Sister Margaret Anne Kramer with partners, Darlene and Pat O’Neill

From the very beginning, the Sisters of the Presentation have relied on the kindness of neighbors and friends. On Foundation Day, we honored all those who continue to bless us with gifts of their love and support. With full hearts and deep gratitude, we celebrated all our mission partners. May their generosity be rewarded in abundance.