Presentation Sisters Gather in Lusaka

Four sisters from North America are joining Presentation Sisters from around the world as they gather in Lusaka for a formation gathering. Sisters Annette Kestel (Dubuque), Sandy Butler (Union: Newfoundland), Francine Janousek (Union: United States) and Shawna Foley (Union: United States) have arrived in Zambia. This video by Presentation Sister Lynette Rodriques shows several of them with other Presentation Sisters singing together on Pentecost Sunday.

Formation Gathering in Zambia

Our Sisters are gathering in Lusaka for an International Formation Gathering 2016 which begins tomorrow. We'll be bringing you plenty of news and images from this event, which runs from 17-27 May, through our various channels. Sr Lynette Rodrigues sent us this video of some of the participating Sisters singing together on Pentecost Sunday.

Posted by Presentation Sisters Union on Monday, May 16, 2016