Aberdeen Congregation Welcomes 11 Cojourners

A ceremony of missioning and welcome for 11 new cojourners (associates) for the Aberdeen Congregation was held on November 18. These new cojourners had begun their orientation in the fall of 2019 and finished via Zoom meetings and a self-directed discernment retreat after COVID-19 necessitated the cancellation of in-person meetings. Hope remained that an in-person ceremony could be held but the pandemic has continued to make that impossible. As Zoom has become the new normal, we determined that it was the step we would take and invited sisters and other cojourners to join the celebration.

Cojourners with 5, 10, 15, 25 and 30 year anniversaries were recognized and celebrated. While the COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted many events and gatherings, it cannot hinder the call to the charism and mission of Nano Nagle and the Presentation Sisters. We are excited to welcome these new cojourners and look forward to seeing the ways God will continue to work through them as they promote the mission of Jesus, Nano and the Presentation Sisters.