Aberdeen Presentation People Participate in PRH Workshop

Pictured above: 
Back row, Gilson Hoffmeister, Lowell Bungert, Jan Lenz, Sister Ruth Geraets, Carla Hoffmeister, Mary Jane Winter, Renae Green
Front row, Sister Judith Fischer, Sister Joan Marie Brandner, Kim McKnite and Mary Ihli

A group of Presentation People gathered in Watertown, S.D., for a week-long PRH experience entitled Accelerating My Growth. Led by Sister Joan Marie Brander, the program invited participants to learn skills on how to enhance their lives by knowing themselves better. It involves the cerebral, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of one’s gifts, with the goal of becoming the best version of yourself.

Personality and Human Relationships (PRH) is an international program and invites participants to take a look at themselves among the “universal human.”  This means every human being can access the zone of deep peace beyond cultures, beyond conflict and beyond problems.  Once that zone is touched, everything else falls into place resulting in harmonious living on every level.

“Facilitating this kind of growth has been the privilege,” shares Sister Joan Marie. “Sister JoAnn Sturzl and I have enjoyed leading groups for 30 years.  We began in 1989 and since this time it has become our main ministry and mission.”

Cojourner and attendee Mary Ihli stated, “I take a week out of every summer to prioritize this week in Watertown for PRH.  I experience life-giving relationships with the participants and I experience life-changing events from the process.”