Aberdeen Presentation Sisters Continuing a Legacy of Education

Nano’s belief in the power and importance of education has spanned the centuries and continues to shape the ministry of Presentation Sisters around the world. Through education, people are better equipped to answer the challenges with which they are faced. Education is the underlying fabric that weaves itself into all of the Presentation ministries.

When we came to South Dakota, the greatest need of the people living in the area was for education. Since 1886, our sisters have lived in the footsteps of Nano and her belief in Catholic education. Today, even though we are no longer teaching in these schools, we continue our belief in and commitment to Catholic education.

We are pleased to announce that we will once again be accepting applications for Presentation Sisters Catholic School Scholarships. With the assistance of our generous partners, we will be awarding 40 – $750 K-12 tuition assistance scholarships and three – $1500 high school tuition scholarships for the 2018-2019 school year. If you know of someone living in the Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Diocese who may be interested in applying for a scholarship, please have them visit our website at www.presentationsisters.org.

Another area of education we will continue is our leadership camp for junior high girls. Girls are bombarded from all sides by television, magazines, advertising and peers telling them how to act, how to look and what to want. This camp, going strong since 1996, provides these girls some tools they can use to discover their own inner strength based on Christian values.

Leadership camp teaches these young girls about leadership, friendship, and faith, leaving a lasting impression on many who attend. Days are spent being physically active, learning how to be proactive at school and learning better ways to make healthy decisions, increase their self-esteem, and grow in their faith to become aware of their potential. A quote shared from a camper is listed below:

My favorite part of camp was just being about people who shared the same values as I do. Sometimes it’s hard in society because we don’t talk about God and Jesus because some people don’t think it’s “cool” or they don’t think it’s a priority. When I come to camp, it’s OK to talk about God and I like that a lot.

The 2018 leadership camp will be held July 16-20 in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. If you know of a girl who will be in seventh, eighth or ninth grade in fall 2018 and would like to attend, please visit our website at www.presentationsisters.org for a registration form.