Aberdeen Women on the Prairie Conference

On Saturday, October 5, we hosted the Women on the Prairie Conference in Aberdeen. Gaye Hanson, motivational speaker from Minnesota, joined 95 women to present “Balan-ZING:  The Art of Being Present in Every Moment.”

Gaye was a delight to have as a presenter and the women loved her presentation.  She took us on a ride through laughter and tears as she shared stories of personal tragedy and triumphs with Christ. She ignited her message with heartfelt encouragement, touching personal stories and side-splitting humor that touched our hearts. She shared ways to be mindful of things in our lives and how to better balance ourselves through the good and tough times.

We were blessed to have 30 first-time attendees with us this year. At the conclusion of the conference many of those commented on how this presentation was something that they really needed in their life. They appreciated the calming message and the Christ-centered time together with other women. One attendee stated, “This conference has helped me to be aware of what’s around me and to be mindful of ways that I can work to keep a balance in my life. I will use the information Gaye presented to be more ‘tuned-in’ to others in my life.”

Event organizer, Barb Grosz shares, “Looking back on the day, I am encouraged by the number of women in attendance. This group of women have supported and walked with us for so many years and exemplify what a Presentation person really is.”