Aberdeen’s Sister Myra Remily Reflects on Service in El Paso

Hello everyone and greetings from El Paso!

I want to share just a short note of how I am experiencing my life here at Nazareth House, our place of work.

Each day we experience many small and large miracles.  We spend the day receiving the refugees coming to seek asylum or trying to find work. We house them, feed them and cloth them. We then work with them, making a plan for them to go one more step beyond to a place of family or friends in the States. God, the angels and saints are giving us many miracles that pop up every day.

We experience the miracles of getting the refugees off to their destination by air or by bus, and getting volunteer drivers to get them to the bus station or airport. (It is very hard to get drivers).

I believe in the multiplication of the loaves and fishes after this first week of work. The miracle of finding, cooking and serving enough food was a peak for us.

The miracle of many religious orders that have answered to call to come, and have come, at the right time.

Above all, the miracle of God’s love and compassion, being given to us. We have experienced courage, faith and hope.

Finally the miracle of all working together in a huge common cause. Incredible friendships have blossomed in such a short time.

Please continue to keep us in prayer. I will have many stories to tell you, both beautiful ones and sad ones.