Dubuque Presentation Sisters Celebrate 85 and 60 Years of Religious Life 

Pictured, left to right, Sisters Janet Stelken, Damian O’Brien, Julia Wingert and Joy Peterson.

This year we honor and give thanks for the lives and ministries of four Dubuque Presentation Sisters who are celebrating their jubilee. Sister Damian O’Brien is observing 85 years of religious life and Sisters Joy Peterson, Janet Stelken and Julia Wingert are observing 60 years.

Their celebration began on July 19 at the Sisters of the Presentation (Mount Loretto) with a prayer service and dinner shared with their Presentation Sisters and associates. “Drawn by Sacred Mystery: God Calls, Love Calls and We Listen” was their jubilee theme. Sister Damian entered the Sisters of the Presentation in 1938 and Sisters Joy, Janet and Julia entered in 1963.

Walking in the footsteps of Presentation foundress, Nano Nagle, these four extraordinary witnesses of endurance, grace and dedication have been a blessing for many – family, students, parents, community members, parishioners, professional colleagues, the sick and elderly. Nano’s lantern is burning brightly as one can easily sense Nano’s presence in the lives and hearts of these incredible women who share the light of Christ through their gifts of loving service. We are grateful for their combined 265 years of faithfulness and the impact they have in our lives.

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